Also known as: Schum, Chum

Start of the greatest adventure

Choum has nothing really worth seeing, but is nevertheless relevant for visitors for three reasons. First, the village with its estimated 4500 inhabitants is located near the road from Atar to Zouérat and is often used as a stopover and organization point for transport companies. Second, Mauritania's largest monolith, Ben Amira is located 60 km to the west and all tours start from here. Seen from Atar, Choum ist the closest station of the iron ore train to Nouadhibou. And that´s probably the reason why we even mention this place. Three times a day le train passes Choum coming from Zouérat, once it also stops - mainly between 6 and 11 o'clock in the evening. In this sense, the place, which is located only 4 km from the border with Western Sahara, is of strategic importance for our Adrar tours.
After almost 2 hours of driving from Atar, we spend some time in Choum and find out when the train is expected to arrive. Accommodation and food are provided during the waiting time. From Choum it is an adventurous 12 hour journey to Nouadhibou. Fun Fact: The train even crosses the territory of the state of Western Sahara for 5 km near Choum.


  • Choum train station
  • Ben Amira (in proximity)

 Tours including Choum

Adrar Tour (Short)
Three days of relaxation, action and education in the heart of Mauritania
3 Day(s)
7 Destinations
1700 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Standard)
Terjit, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Guilb er Richat and a train ride like no other
6 Day(s)
13 Destinations
2350 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Extended)
The classic cities, the most beautiful oases and finally the ride on the train
13 Day(s)
20 Destinations
2600 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Choum

Does Choum offer the only option for a train ride?
No, you can also take the train from Zouérat. For visitors who prefer a shorter train ride and still want to see the capital of Tiris Zemmour, this is a worthwhile option.
Is it possible to miss the arrival of the train?
As long as you are in Choum, this is hardly possible. The arrival of the train is loud and simply the only major thing that happens in Choum. Of course, if you are traveling with us, we will let you know in time.
How are ChingiTours travelers accommodated in Choum?
In order to shorten your waiting time, we have prepared appropriate accommodation 24/7, providing comfort, sleeping and sanitary facilities.