Tanouchert (oasis)

Also known as: Tenouchert

The highlight between Chinguetti and Ouadane

There are easy ways to get from Chinguetti to Ouadane or back. And there is Tanouchert. But the detour south of the comfortable asphalt road is worth it - we promise. The oasis Tanouchert is located east of Erg Ouarane a little closer to Ouadane than to Chinguetti. In earlier times the place was an important stop for caravans, today it is mainly inhabited during the date harvest between June and August. The inhabitants of the oasis are happy to receive visitors, and for larger groups sometimes even a small party is organized after prior announcement. The specialty of the region is a mixture of meat, vegetables and couscous in mini-crêpes called ksur. Music evenings in the palm grove belong likewise to the local highlights, which might remain long in the travelers memory. For extended stays in the Adrar region we offer an excursion and overnight stay in the oasis in different tours. If you wish, we can bring you to Tanouchert all year round, regardless of your chosen tour. In any case, the place always offers a nice contrast program to the larger cities and shows, like Mhaireth and Terjit, what oases have always been in the first place - a rescue in the desert.


  • Oasis Tanouchert
  • Vernacular architecture (Tikit)
  • Date groves
  • Water sources
  • Ksur (culinary)
  • Chinguetti (in proximity)
  • Ouadane (in proximity)

 Tours including Tanouchert (oasis)

Adrar Tagant Aoukar Tour
More than 3000 km of desert, oases, mountains and petroglyphs
14 Day(s)
21 Destinations
3050 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Standard)
Terjit, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Guilb er Richat and a train ride like no other
6 Day(s)
13 Destinations
2350 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Extended)
The classic cities, the most beautiful oases and finally the ride on the train
13 Day(s)
20 Destinations
2600 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tanouchert (oasis)

Is Tanouchert included in all Adrar tours by default?
Tanouchert can be booked as an additional option in the three tours listed above.
Are there roads leading to Tanouchert?
No, the route is offroad. Once adventurous through the sand dunes of the desert, but the number of km remains manageable.
What awaits me in Tanouchert?
Sand dunes, date palms, goats, camels, freshly brewed tea, hospitality, tents, tikits and action-packed round trips!
Why should I go to Tanouchert when I have already seen Terjit and / or Mhaireth?
Tanouchert is the only oasis that is not sheltered in a mountain valley, but in the middle of the desert. Nowhere else is the feeling of being saved in the desert so lifelike. Moreover, visitors to Tanouchert are a rarer phenomenon and are treated with appropriate hospitality. Mauritanian hospitality is legendary anyway, surrounded by dunes it becomes clear as rarely.