Ben Amera (monolith)

Also known as: Ben Amera, arab. Ibn Amīra; (son of the princess) / Ben Aicha, Ben Aischa, Ben Aisha, arab. Ibn ʿĀiša (son of the living)

Art & Nature on Western Sahara's Border

The largest monolith in Africa, Ben Amera, is also worth the trip. With its 633 meters height it is only surpassed by the Australian Uluru and Mount Augustus, whereby it is speculated that it could even surpass them, if one would only look under the sand. Ben Amera is located about 60 km west of Choum and is visible during the day from the iron ore train in the north. 7 km away lies the smaller Ben Aïsha, where there are dozens of impressive works of art and stone sculptures since 1999. 16 artists were allowed to immortalize themselves in stone on the theme of "peace" at that time. By the way, the relationship between the two monoliths is part of an interesting myth, which also explains why Ben Amera still has a "bump" on its "head" today. We will be happy to acquaint you with the old stories on site. There are no roads leading to Ben Amera. With an experienced driver, however, the trip can be made off-road without any problems. It is a good idea to combine your stay with a visit to Choum and the train ride to Nouadhibou. Wild camping at the foot of the mountains is absolutely legal. As always, transportation and meals are provided in our tours. By the way: Ben Aïsha is only 4 km away from the border to Western Sahara.


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 Tours including Ben Amera (monolith)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ben Amera (monolith)

What is the closest town to Ben Amera?
Definitely Choum. The small town is located 60 km to the east. 3 km south of the monolith there is also a small settlement directly on the tracks.
How far is the train track from the monolith?
The tracks are only 3 km south of Ben Amera.
Is it advisable to explore Ben Amera on your own?
Due to the inconvenient journey through the middle of the desert, we do not recommend it. A technically and locally experienced driver should at least definitely be with you.
Is it possible to climb Ben Amera?
Nothing is impossible, however, there are monoliths that are much more suitable for mountaineering and climbing. But from time to time, nevertheless, partial ascents did happen.