Elephant Rock

Also known as: Rocher de Makhrouga

Rock in the desert

On the way to Oualata, about 90 km east of Tichitt, lies the so-called Elephant Rock, ca. 20 km and thus an hour further the "Finger Rock" Es Sba (also: El Sba), from which the rock formation Jebel Zeiga (aka Colossus of Zeiga) is visible. The Elephant Rock is an absolute natural sight in the east of the Tagant region. However, due to its location in the middle of the desert, tours are rarely offered. A local driver is indispensable here, due to the fact that we drive far away from any asphalt. Although it seems as if the elephant-shaped mentioned sandstone rock is standing in the middle of nowhere. Back then, here, in the cultural region of Dar Tichitt, human life has existed for thousands of years, even farming was pursued on a larger scale. Still today, nomads can be seen between rocky landscapes and dune areas, leading their herds of camels to the rare wells. The visit of Elephant Rocks, Es Sba and Zeiga is scheduled as part of two of our tours. The sandstone rocks with their natural arches and caves are perfect for exploration. We will also be happy to set up a night camp with you in the beautiful desert area. So, better recharge your batteries, the road to Oualata is still long.


  • Elephant Rock
  • Es Sba Rock
  • Colossus of Zeiga
  • Other Landscape

An elephant from above

 Tours including Elephant Rock

Tagant Aoukar Tour
Between Mali Empire and Almoravids - On the traces of the history of the South
14 Day(s)
16 Destinations
2700 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tagant Aoukar Tour
More than 3000 km of desert, oases, mountains and petroglyphs
14 Day(s)
21 Destinations
3050 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Elephant Rock

Who may we thank for the drone footage of Elephant Rock?
The thanks for the footage goes to the Koch couple ("Pistenkuh"), who have been off-roading in the most exciting places for decades and willingly and informatively provide information about it on their website.
Are the Elephant Rock, the Es Sba Rock and the Colossus of Zeiga the only sights in the place?
No, besides the three mentioned, there are countless curiously shaped rocks with niches and caves. The whole landscape is breathtaking.
What is the Elephant Rock made of?
It is a sandstone rock.
What comes after the elephant rock on the way from Tichitt to Oualata?
About 100 km southeast lies the so-called Enji Pass as the next stopping point. From there, it won't take another day to reach Oualata.