Mhaïreth (oasis)

Also known as: Mhairet, Mhaireth, M'Heirth

The largest oasis of the Adrar

Mhaireth is one of the largest oases in the Adrar region. Situated in an ouad (valley, river course), the oasis and the village of the same name are located about 30 km from Atar as the crow flies, as part of the municipality of Maaden in the department of Aoujeft. Mhaireth is much more extensive than, for example, the oasis of Terjit. The dimensions become quickly apparent to the visitor when he approaches the ouad from the east and first has a look from the rock elevation into the valley before he enters downhill. The picture is dominated by countless palm trees, the traditional tikits built from palm fronds, as well as dunes and rocky cliffs. In the south there are also grass and lake landscapes. The lakes reach a considerable size after the rainy season. In the center of the village there are still some mud buildings and the local mosque.
The oasis of Mhaireth is part of almost all our tours that lead to the Adrar, with all others there is the possibility of an additional visit. We combine a trip here with lunch in one of the local auberges. In addition to the Mauritanian obligatory tea and dates, a pool stay can also be realized, which offers the right cooling at lunchtime. And we show you what such a tikit looks like from the inside. By the way: In Mhaireth fantastic drone shots can be made.


  • Oasis
  • Lakescape
  • Date palms
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Pool stay

 Tours including Mhaïreth (oasis)

Adrar Tagant Aoukar Tour
More than 3000 km of desert, oases, mountains and petroglyphs
14 Day(s)
21 Destinations
3050 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Short)
Three days of relaxation, action and education in the heart of Mauritania
3 Day(s)
7 Destinations
1700 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Standard)
Terjit, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Guilb er Richat and a train ride like no other
6 Day(s)
13 Destinations
2350 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tour (Extended)
The classic cities, the most beautiful oases and finally the ride on the train
13 Day(s)
20 Destinations
2600 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mhaïreth (oasis)

How far are Terjit and Mhaireth from each other?
Surprisingly, less than 10 kilometers separate the two oases as the crow flies. By car, it is about 20 km to drive.
What is the biggest difference between Terjit and Mhaireth?
In Terjit, the palm tree cover is much denser, so the entire valley is shaded and you are de facto in a forest. Mhaireth is significantly more expansive, scenically diverse, and has several small lakes, while Terjit has a stream. After the rainy season, the lakes are larger and the stream in Terjit has become a river.
Is a stay of several days in Mhaireth worthwhile?
We recommend a stay of several hours, depending on the arrival time also with overnight stay.