Also known as: Nema, Nama, an-Naʿma, Neima

Indispensable for the Southeast

Néma is the capital of the Hodh Ech Chargui region, the eastern basin named after the Aoukar depression. The city in the far southeast of Mauritania has a population of 20,000, an airfield, and is the terminus of the Route de l'Espoir, which starts in Nouakchott and runs once across Mauritania's south. Néma also represents the gateway to Mali. From Oualata to Néma it is about 80 km, for which you have to calculate 4 hours offroad. Néma is the first place where there is a gas station after hundreds of kilometers. So the town gives us the opportunity to refill our tank and supplies - the city´s exploration is of course also included in the program. From Néma we continue towards Timbédra, where there is the best opportunity for a side trip to the historic Koumbi Saleh. If you like.


  • Néma
  • Oualata (in proximity)

 Tours including Néma

Tagant Aoukar Tour
Between Mali Empire and Almoravids - On the traces of the history of the South
14 Day(s)
16 Destinations
2700 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tagant Aoukar Tour
More than 3000 km of desert, oases, mountains and petroglyphs
14 Day(s)
21 Destinations
3050 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Néma

Does international air traffic also take place at Néma Airport?
No, the only flight connection is to the capital Nouakchott.
Do you recommend a stay of several days in Néma?
Rather not. Although the area around Néma offers quite interesting mountain scenery with opportunities for hiking, unless you are interested in that, there is little reason to stay longer than one night or a few hours.
to tour Néma and Oualata outside the offered southern tours?
There is always the option to realize your individual tour with you. A faster option would be of course the flight from Nouakchott to Néma, then by car to Oualata and further to the northwest. However, the flights do not leave daily. Please ask us for more information!
Is the border to Mali open?
The border to Mali is normally open daily, but we strongly advise against traveling to Mali.