Also known as: Kaedi, Kaihaidī

Between Malahfas and a unique hospital

Kaédi is a city on the bank fo the Senegal River in the extreme south of Mauritania. The capital of the small region of Gorgol has a population of at least 60,000, which-as in the culturally similar Bogué 100 km away-is populated largely by Pulaar. There is a great deal of ethnic and linguistic similarity with the areas on the other side, in Senegal. At the time before the independence of both states, the Pulaar territories in Mauritania and Senegal were grouped together in the historic Fouta Toro region. It is therefore not surprising that it was this region that was particularly affected during the 1989-1991 Senegal-Mauritania conflict. Kaédi, which is characterized by livestock farming and the cultivation of rice and millet, has a long history. Centuries ago it was already an important Islamic center, and today there is still a library with considerable Arabic manuscripts. It is mainly single-storied mud houses that characterize the cityscape of Kaédi. The city's hospital (Mustašfā Kaihaidī), which is not only the largest in southern Mauritania, but has also received awards for its traditional architecture, is known beyond the region. Beyond Kaédi, the malahfas with their colorful batik motifs produced there are also appreciated. If you wish, we will be happy to work out a custom-tailored tour to Kaédi and other places in the south for you.


  • Kaédi Hospital
  • Kaédi Library
  • Senegal river Bank

 Tours including Kaédi

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kaédi

Are there possibilities for a boat trip on the Senegal River in Kaédi?
Yes, since the city is located directly on the river, boat trips can be easily organized and carried out there.
Are there accommodations in Kaédi to visit the city as a Couchsurfer?
Yes, there are several auberges that can serve as sleeping facilities for visitors to the city.
What should you definitely do in Kaédi?
A picnic on the Senegal shore and a visit to the architecturally impressive traditionally built hospital.
How can I travel to Kaédi with ChingiTours?
First of all, there is the possibility to include Kaédi in one of our two planned southern tours as an additional stop. Likewise, tours can be planned from Nouakchott that are shorter, such as 4 or 6 days.