No worries about the trappings

We as ChingiTours offer you a variety of different tours and exciting events. But beyond that, we also support you with special requests. We pick you up from the airport, arrange rental cars in different models as well as comfortable and inexpensive accommodations. In addition, together with you we will put together your excursion to the destination of your choice, your tailor-made tour! So no wish remains unfulfilled.

Airport Shuttle

The first steps in the vacation country should be free of complications. After a long flight, the thing visitors to Mauritania need least is stress at the airport. Nouakchott-Oumtounsy Airport is the country's most important airport. Almost all international flights are handled here. It is located about 30 km north of Nouakchott. To ensure that transportation to the capital is safe, inexpensive and without any nasty surprises, we offer a shuttle service from the airport directly to your hotel. For the visitors who have planned a tour with us in the following days, the service is provided at discounted rates. Generally, the service is executed by your booked hotel. For all others, the prices of the reliable 24/7 service are as follows:

09:00 a.m. to 10:59 p.m.: 25 EUR
11:00 p.m. to 08:59 a.m.: 35 EUR

The total is a flat rate for max. 3 participants per vehicle.

Rent a car

You want to explore Mauritania on your own? No problem. Rent the right vehicle for you. The vehicles we offer range from sedan to pick-up. Most of them are TOYOTA vehicles, as almost all modern passenger cars in Mauritania are built by the Japanese manufacturer. A limousine - mostly a TOYOTA COROLLA or AVENSIS - can only be booked in Nouakchott. You can drive these yourself and use them, for example, to explore the city. It is not recommended to go on off-road tours with such a vehicle. The prices vary depending on the type and age of the car between the equivalent of 40 and 55 EUR / day.

If you are planning larger tours, for example to explore the interior of the country, you might need an off-road car. In most cases this is the TOYOTA HILUX. The advantage: Even outside the capital you have the possibility to rent such a vehicle spontaneously in bigger touristic cities like Nouadhibou or Atar. For pick-up rentals in Bilad Shinqit, however, the following always applies: A driver is booked at the same time. This is not only advisable for navigational reasons. Not all roads in the country are paved, so orientation is essential - especially if you want to travel into the interior of Mauritania (Adrar, Tagant, Aoukar, etc.). There are also frequent police checks on the road, where a local who knows the area and the language can be of great help.

However, the additional driver does not change the price much: For the booking of a HILUX you will have to pay between 55 and 60 EUR / day. Gasoline is in any case excluded from the booking. We will be happy to assist you with advice and booking of a rental car. We can also help prepare all the necessary documents for your trip.

Customized tours

You do not find what you are looking for in the offered tours? Then make your own! It can always happen that visitors to Mauritania combine certain destinations that are not listed in our list. But flexibility is everything - so we are happy to work out your individual Mauritania tour with you. We can also organize trips to, contacts with and longer stays in specific destinations such as Aoudaghost or Mata Moulana, for example for archaeological or religious studies. Contact us and let us know your ideas.

Recommended accommodations

Making general recommendations always runs the risk of projecting one's own well-being onto others. But as we all know: Tastes are different. That's why we try to give some additional hints here, if the accommodations could be something for you. In Nouakchott, for example, many of our customers have had good experiences with the Al Khaima City Center. This hotel is centrally located and offers great views from its rooftop terrace. Another similarly priced option would be Le K, which is run by a polyglot owner and offers a more family atmosphere. If you're lucky, the owner will even serve you in German.

Inland, you'll find fewer classic hotels, but more auberges. In Chinguetti, we recommend Auberge La Gueïla, which is run by a French woman. Many of our travelers have also felt at home in the Auberge Eden - especially the bedrooms are very comfortable. In Ouadane there is Auberge Vasque (Chez Zaida), in Terjit we had very good experiences with Auberge chez Jamal. In Terjit and Atar there are also campsites. The Bab Sahara of Justus Bouma in Atar is already almost legendary and a frequently used meeting place for western visitors from all over the world - especially from the quad and motorcross scene.

Now some final remarks: Mauritania is not the UK. When you start your trip, you will visit one of the poorest countries in the world. Please keep in mind that the standard of hotels and auberge probably cannot compete with what you may be used to. This is especially true in the smaller towns in the countryside (Chinguetti, Oualata, etc.). Are you willing to accept that? Think about this BEFORE you book your trip.

Are you planning your next trip and have more questions? Whether you are a business traveler, a couchsurfer, or a faithful visitor to Mata Moulana, we will try to help where we can.

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