Also known as: Zouerate, az-Zuwairāt

Hot iron in the north

Zouérat is the capital of the northern region of Tiris Zemmour and one of Mauritania's most important economic centers. This is solely due to iron ore mining, which is carried out in the vicinity of Zouérat in mines such as F'dérik and Rouessa. Before mining of raw materials, the town of 40,000 inhabitants was insignificant. Today, iron ore, which accounts for 40% of all Mauritanian exports, contributes significantly to the prosperity of the entire country. At the same time, the mines as well as the port of Nouadhibou are a magnet for migrant workers from the surrounding states. The city is divided into poorer and richer neighborhoods. Between them runs the popularly known "wall of shame" (mur de la honte). Zouérat depends on external water supply. This is ensured from the springs of Boulenoir (also: Boulenouar, Boû Lanouâr), which is located near Nouadhibou and must be transported by train. Zouérat is not a classic tourist destination. It is worth visiting the local museum though with its three halls covering prehistory, contemporary history and mine construction. However, the journey to Zouérat - both by train and by car - is elaborate, as the distance from Choum is 160 km. We have not included Zouérat in our planned tours, but can organize and realize a trip on request.


  • City Museum
  • Iron ore mines
  • Azrag (archaeological site)
  • Kediet Ijill (mountain)

 Tours including Zouérat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Zouérat

Is a desert tour from Zouérat to El Ghallaouiya and finally Ouadane possible?
Offroad extreme? This is also possible, but means some organizational effort. For a trip of at least four days without even a village on the way, food, fuel, a reliable vehicle and an equally reliable driver with local knowledge must be organized. Such trips require a certain lead time of planning, but can also be realized by us! And according to all experience reports, they are guaranteed to be unforgettable.
Can I also start the train trip in Zouérat?
Yes, train rides are possible from Zouérat to Choum or directly to Nouadhibou without any problems. In fact, in addition to the pure transport option, this is ideal for those who want to "just get to know" the train without directly spending the whole night on it until Nouadhibou.