Also known as: Bogué, Boghe, Būġī

The pure south on the Senegal river

Boghé is a city in the extreme south of Mauritania. Located in the Brakna region, it is in close proximity to the Senegal River and thus to the neighboring state of Senegal. The road to Boghé is a paved branch of the Route de l'Espoir. From Aleg, it takes a little more than an hour. The city of 50,000 inhabitants is growing rapidly. Like the town of Kaédi, 100 km to the northwest, Boghé is inhabited almost exclusively by the Pulaar, who belong to the Soudans. Culturally and linguistically, there is practically no difference between Boghé and life on the other side of the river - the Pulaar are concentrated along an elongated strip on this side and the other side of the Senegal River. Here, black African culture dominates; Moorish influences are hardly noticeable. Subsistence farming overweights: fishing, livestock breeding and the cultivation of various crops such as millet, cassava, sugar cane and rice. Boghé, with its thatched round huts, is certainly not a top tourist destination like Oualata, but like Kaédi or Sélibaby, it provides an insight into a completely different Mauritania. It is worth the trip for that alone. The place is not embedded in any of our planned southern routes, but on request we can design a tour for you that will bring you closer to the beauties of the extreme south.


  • Senegal river
  • Landscape
  • flora and fauna

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Boghé

What are the possibilities to organize a tour to Bogué?
There are several possibilities to travel to Bogué as part of a tour. From Nouakchott, the road is paved throughout, as long as you drive via Aleg. In total, this is just under 330 km outward. In order not to drive back the same way, and thus to drive to exciting unknown destinations on the way back, we recommend in case of a trip of about 3 days the southern route along the Senegalese border to Diawling. From there we will drive you further via Diama / Rosso towards Senegal or north towards Nouakchott. We are also happy to plan longer routes for you, for example as part of a 5-, 7- or 9-day trip.
Are boat trips on the Senegal River possible?
What is the biggest fish in the Senegal River?
According to the following overview, it is the great hake with a length of up to 2m, which dominates the Senegal River.