Also known as: Selibaby, Sélibabi, Selibabi

Cultural area to Mali and Senegal

Sélibaby is the capital of the southernmost region of Mauritania, Guidimaka. It is located in an area where both Hassaniya and Soninke are spoken. There is close cultural interdependence with the Soninke of northeastern Senegal and northwestern Mali. At the time of French colonialism, the Soninke were not separated by state borders. The settled Soninke inhabitants of the town of 30,000 live mainly from agriculture. A small community of mostly nomadic Tukulor also exists in the Guidimaka region. As with the Soninke, you also find Tukulor in northern Senegal. To get from Kiffa, hundreds of kilometers away, to Sélibaby, some off-road kilometers have to be covered from Kankossa to the south of Greivat Parc. The road from Kaédi to the west is completely paved. On request, we are happy to organize tours to Sélibaby and combine them with other towns such as Kiffa or Kaédi to provide you with a versatile trip.


  • Sélibaby
  • Foum Gleita (in proximity)
  • Landscape

 Tours including Sélibaby

Tagant Aoukar Tour
Between Mali Empire and Almoravids - On the traces of the history of the South
14 Day(s)
16 Destinations
2700 km
3 Languages
Adrar Tagant Aoukar Tour
More than 3000 km of desert, oases, mountains and petroglyphs
14 Day(s)
21 Destinations
3050 km
3 Languages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sélibaby

How long would a tour take that includes Nouakchott - Aleg - Kiffa - Sélibaby - Kaédi - Bogué - Diawling?
To limit overly long travel times per day, such a tour could be comfortably accomplished in 5 days, and 6 if Nouakchott is not only to be the starting point but also part of the program. With longer daily driving times, 4 days would be easily possible.
Why is it worth staying in Sélibaby?
Sélibaby itself has no classic sights. Rather, the town gives an authentic impression of life in Mauritania's south. At the same time, the journey is always the destination here. Thus, the impressive savannah landscape or the life of the fishermen in Foum Gleita near the dam is worth a visit.