Tamourt Bougari

Also known as: Tamourt Boukhari, Tamourt Boukari

Life in the desert

In close proximity to the village of Foum el Cherat lies the Tamourt Bougari. Foum el Cherat is located about 70 km east of Kiffa directly on the Route de l'Espoir. In Eastern Mauritania there are no flowing waters, but some lakes depending on the rainy season. The Tamourt Bougari does not carry water all year round, but only a few months in the year. Surprisingly, there are even three different species of fish here. This is due to the indirect supply of the Tamourt by the Guelta Metraucha, which has fish all year round. The rare West African crocodile can also settle in waters like the temporarily water-carrying Tamourt, as long as there are rocky regions and year-round water in the vicinity. Therefore, isolated specimens from the nearby Guelta Metraucha also find their way into the Tamourt Bougari. Outside the rainy season, it is a grove area full of Arabian gum acacia, also known as Egyptian sheath thorn. The local population uses the area for watering cattle and camel herds. Tamourt Bougari is an integral part on two of our southern tours and can be ideally combined with a visit to Guelta Metraucha. If desired, we can also extend the stay here and go a few days longer on crocodile watching.


  • Tamourt Bougari
  • Guelta Metraucha (in proximity)
  • Landscape
  • Bird colony
  • Crocodiles

 Tours including Tamourt Bougari

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tamourt Bougari

Is it worth visiting the Tamourt even outside the rainy season when it has no water?
Yes, because all year round the Tamourt forms an exciting green biosphere. Incidentally, to get to the Tamourt, you don't have to take a detour at all.
Is Tamourt Bougari isolated from other interesting spots?
No, absolutely not. The next bigger town Kiffa is 70 km away, but a) that's not much in a country the size of Mauritania and b) there are numerous exciting nature spots and smaller wetlands right near the Tamourt.
Is it possible to stay overnight near the Tamourt?
Absolutely. There are options both in the village of Foum el Cherat and outdoors. And Kiffa with its auberges is only 70 km away.