One and one makes...

Two have found each other! We as ChingiTours have the claim to use cultural differences to our advantage and to combine the best of two worlds. By networking throughout Mauritania, we want to make any destination possible for you and prepare you optimally for your tour from the start. Our goal is to make the wonderful Mauritania a little more known to the world. The texts about tours, sightseeing, history etc. as well as our FAQ may answer one or the other question in advance. Chinguetti, Ouadane, Oualata andandand are historically and culturally too important to forget.

Our responsibility

Reliability, openness and communication are the guiding principles of our work. Several years of experience in the field of tourism provides the opportunity to correctly assess the needs of our travelers and create the necessary level of security and trust at an early stage. We offer tours of different lengths for visitors from all over the world. Many people benefit from a tour - drivers, saleswomen, Aubergeb owners, guides. At the same time, with every visit, you help to bring a piece of Mauritania to the outside world. Nobody works for us. But many people work with us and for fair wages.

We are aware of the responsibility on site and know about the privileges of education and income. However, Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in the world. In order to do our part and to give people perspectives, we support charitable local projects with our income. Furthermore, we do not want people to suffer from the consequences of climate change due to our offer. Therefore, we demonstrably compensate a part of your flight via the platform atmosfair.


Like snowboarding, but on sand! Our sandboarding can be realized in many places and is fun wherever there are dunes. We offer this activity both embedded in a tour and as a separate event.
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