El Beyyed - El Ghallaouiya

Also known as: el Bayyed, el Bayed

Once around Adrar Plateau

Many roads lead to Rome. And even more to Ouadane, it seems. And certainly, for some things for which you need just 170 km on the fastest and paved road, there are good reasons for taking the 400 km alternative. Those who decide to take the much longer route north of the Adrar plateau will be able to see the manuscripts of the city of Jraif (also Jurayf). The local Mahdara of Sheikh Mohamad Fadel also justifies the detour. And in El Beyyed, for example, you can spend the night in a tent in the middle of the desert. Thus, there is little time pressure to visit the prehistoric museum with its arrowheads, rubbing bowls and hand axes. The French colonial forts of Bir Ziri and El Ghallaouiya are still well preserved. Near the latter, prehistoric drawings and tombs from pre-Islamic times can also be discovered. After an overnight stay in El Ghallaouiya, we will go to the mountain pass of Trig Chouail, which once attracted the local population because of its protective valley. Rock engravings still bear witness to this today. The end of our precious detour is offered by the Guilb er Richat and the ruins of the nearby Portuguese fort of Agouedir (also Agweidir). And then finally, entering Ouadane, you will see the city through the eyes of the desert.


  • Jraif
  • El Beyyed
  • Fort Bir Ziri
  • Fort El Ghallaouiya
  • Trig Chouail
  • Richat Structure
  • Trig Chouali

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Adrar Tour (Extended)
The classic cities, the most beautiful oases and finally the ride on the train
13 Day(s)
20 Destinations
2600 km
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about El Beyyed - El Ghallaouiya

How much time should one plan for the route from Atar via Jraif, El Beyyed, Bir Ziri, El Ghallaouiya, Trig Chouali to Richat Structure?
For a bypass of the whole Adrar plateau we recommend to calculate with not less than 4 days. It may well be 6.
Is there a shorter way from Atar to Richat Structure?
The shortest way is, of course, the asphalt road that leads from Atar to Ouadane. From there it is only a stone's throw to Guilb er Richat. The journey takes only a few hours.
Is there a shorter way from Atar to the Richat structure north of Adrar Plateau?
Yes, there is one as well. This shorter version includes Atar - Jraif - El Beyyed and then goes south through the middle of the Adrar plateau. Bir Ziri - El Ghallaouiya and Trig Choauli are omitted. The driving time is 2-3 days.
What is the ground condition on the track?
In fact, the ground on the track varies greatly. At times there is hard ground in which 70-80 km/h is possible, but there are also stony plains or soft sand on which you can make only a few kilometers per hour.