Adrar Tour (Short)

From Nouakchott to Chinguetti - between oases, trains and world culture

3 Day(s)
7 Destinations
1700 km
3 Languages

Three days of relaxation, action and education in the heart of Mauritania

Nouakchott, Terjit, Atar, Chinguetti, Choum, Nouadhibou. Tight schedule and at the same time a little bit of everything. After a day in the capital, we drive to the Adrar region, culturally and historically considered the most important of the last centuries. Here lies the world cultural heritage Chinguetti as well as the most beautiful oasis in the country - Terjit. Chinguetti is one of the most interesting cities of West Africa, to be mentioned in a row with greats like Oualata and Timbuktu. On the way back, the most adventurous part of the 3-day trip awaits you - a ride on the iron ore train. It goes from Choum to Nouadhibou. By the way, we are happy to make four days out of three if you feel the need to add 1 or 2 exciting destinations or activities to your tour: Banc d'Arguin for example or a camel trip through the Ouarane dunes near Chinguetti. If you are once there...

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*For a group of three people. We operate according to the following rule of thumb: the more travelers, the lower the price!


Terjit oasis
Train ride
Total distance: 1700 km

Tour itinerary

Day 1 Nouakchott

On the first day in Nouakchott we will familiarize you with everything that will accompany you on the rest of the trip. Ethnic diversity, nomadic cuisine, camel & fish market as well as a look into the Mauritania´s history. In terms of the destination´s order we´ll definitely try to meet to your desires. However, due to the heat, we recommend not to visit the camel market at lunchtime. The Port de pêche is most worthwhile when the fishermen return with their full wooden dugout canoes in the afternoon sun and the local market is a hive of activity. To end the day, we invite you for a Mauritanian-style tea - on the beach, of course.

Day 2 Terjit - Atar - Chinguetti

The next morning we go with bag and baggage, driver and guide to Terjit, where date palms can grow surrounded by protective rocks. Even bees live in Terjit. Of course, a typical Mauritanian lunch is provided - in a breathtaking scenery. After a short stay in the economically most important town of Adrar, Atar, which is appreciated by tourists for its landscape and the local market, we continue the journey to the famous Chinguetti. The mosque, the old town, the libraries, the Ouarane dunes - Chinguetti, as a symbol of Mauritania, offers much to discover. Here we like to spend the night after dinner.

Day 3 Choum - Nouadhibou

After breakfast, you will first have enough time to explore the city. It´s enough to reach Choum before 6 pm. The train never arrives before that time. Well, to be precise. It passes Choum three times a day, but only stops once in the evening. Since the iron ore train is also well and gladly times around six hours late, we have an appropriate accommodation for the waiting time always prepared. You will never forget the 12-hour adventure of the train ride on iron ore. In Nouadhibou this part of the journey ends and self-cleaning is announced. Shower and brunch are waiting for you. After a visit to Nouadhibou's Port Artisanal, you have the choice. If you want to move to Morocco, we will support you in this endeavor. Alternatively, we will be happy to take you back to Nouakchott.

Always included:

Accommodation (hotel & auberge)
Local tour guide (en / fr / ar)
Driver (including vehicle)
Catering for Meals
Airport transfers
Formalities & paperwork

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from  599  EUR*

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Centre d´Artisanat (Nouakchott)
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Original Chinguetti
Entkemkemt oasis (near Chinguetti)
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