Adrar Tour (Standard)

The journey to the eye of the Sahara - one week in Adrar

6 Day(s)
13 Destinations
2350 km
3 Languages

Terjit, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Guilb er Richat and a train ride like no other

If you want to see all the major sights of the Adrar region, you can hardly avoid our 7-day tour. Terjit, Ouadane, Chinguetti are among the most famous treasures of Mauritania. Nouakchott as Mauritania-in-a-nutshell is the perfect start for the tour. In Atar, on the other hand, last minute errands can be done at the local market. The Guilb er Richat fascinates as a worldwide unique rock structure. And last but not least: Mhaireth and Azougui, beautiful places of nature. A guaranteed unforgettable week that will show you Mauritania in all its facets. We are flexible in the arrangement of the trip. Tell us your wishes, we will try to make them true.

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Terjit oasis
Mhaireth oasis
Film set Fort Saganne
Agrour (petroglyphs)
Richat Structure
Train ride
Total distance: 2350 km

Tour itinerary

Day 1 Nouakchott

We start in Nouakchott. The capital, which is only 60 years old, offers a number of sights that the interested visitor should not miss. Be it the fishing port (Port de pêche) in Sebkha, or the camel market in eastern Toujounine. According to rumors, the loud and hectic hustle and bustle of the market is unparalleled in size in all of West Africa. The Saudi mosque, the municipal garden and an evening tea at the beach are also on the schedule of the first day. With ChingiTours, by the way, no one will need to starve. In addition to transportation and guide, tasty regional catering is of course sufficiently provided.

Day 2 Terjit - Atar - Mhaireth

On the second day the oasis Terjit, only 30 km away from Atar, provides us with lunch in pleasant shade. In a natural bath under date palms, which can be used all year round, the strains of the journey can be easily forgotten. Afterwards we will drive to Atar, the regional capital of the Adrar region. Atar impresses with a diverse landscape and an interesting local market and is also the regional economic center. Gasoline, water, cash - it is better to quickly fill up all supplies here before heading for the desert. And amidst picturesque sand dunes and rocky cliffs, another oasis and the next carefree package awaits us. We spend the night in Mhaireth.

Day 3 Fort Saganne - Agrour - Chinguetti

Enough of nature! After a glimpse of the rising sun behind sand dunes, Mauritania's World Heritage Site awaits you. UNESCO-certified and that even in double. Even the way there is interesting, as we pass Fort Saganne, which was built exclusively for the film of the same name, as well as the rock paintings of Agrour. With Chinguetti, the symbol of Mauritania, we visit a city that may no longer exist in 50 years. For the old mosque, the libraries, the old town and the history threaten to disappear in the sands of the Sahara, unless major steps are taken to expand the desert. In any case, the residents of Chinguetti are happy to receive visitors and will gladly explain the history and scrolls of the libraries and reveal local insider tips.

Day 4 Ouadane - Richat Structure

Ouadane is the second Ksar on our program after Chinguetti. Built on a hillside, the city still has an imposing old town in whose area you can even get lost. The guided tour offered on site will answer all your questions about the history of the city and the 40 sages that still characterize the name of the main street. Those who travel to Ouadane must not miss the Guilb er Richat. Only 25 km away and at the same time the destination of an unforgettable 4x4 trip, this huge rock formation is visible even from the moon. After returning to Ouadane again and having a well-deserved evening meal, we will start our way back the next day.

Day 5 Azougui - Choum

But there is still so much to see on this route... The wonderful sand dunes of Azougui, for example. The place is not only a beautiful nature spot, but also historically of great importance. The Almoravids, who ruled as far as al-Andalus, made Azougui their capital for a time. Even today the tomb of the scholar Imam Hadrami is visible in the city. However, the most adventurous part of the trip is guaranteed to await us in Choum. There we board the longest horse in the Sahara, the 2.5 km long cargo train. Unpack mattresses and off we go, a 12-hour train ride on iron ore awaits - completely legal, by the way.

Day 6 Nouadhibou

The train ride ends in Mauritania's second largest city, Nouadhibou. The old fishing port Port Artisanal is even more impressive than its counterpart in Nouakchott. But before we get to the sightseeing, we have to scrub hard. Because after a train ride like this, you'll look like Lawrence of Arabia as a chimney sweep. And that should not be a permanent condition. In the early evening we return to Nouakchott, unless you plan to continue your journey towards Morocco. For all our tours applies: If you have the desire to stay longer at one of the destinations, we also plan for you easily a day longer.

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Accommodation (Hotels & Auberges)
Local tour guide (en/ fr/ar)
Driver (including vehicle)
Catering for Meals
Airport transfers
Formalities & documents

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from  999  EUR*

Additional options:

National Museum (Nouakchott)
Boat trip (Nouakchott)
Centre d´Artisanat (Nouakchott)
Camel trekking (Chinguetti o. Ouadane)
Original Chinguetti
Entkemkemt oasis (near Chinguetti)
Banco mines (Chinguetti)
City Museum (Ouadane)
Azougui Center / Tomb Imam Hadrami
Banc d´Arguin