Mauritania National Parks Tour

Between wading birds and warthogs - Mauritania's biodiversity in one tour

4 Day(s)
9 Destinations
900 km
3 Languages

Once the capital, twice nature conservation please

Our National Parks Tour offers the most beautiful mix of nature and culture. On the first day you will get to know the versatile Nouakchott, whose fish market, city garden, Saudi mosque and camel market have already inspired many visitors. After spending the night in the city, you get the choice. You decide whether we use the second day for a visit to Diawling or Banc d'Arguin. Both national parks are unique in their own way and you will get to know both with us. However, it is up to you to choose whether it fits better into your itinerary to first go on safari in the south or to see the beaches and bird colonies of the Atlantic coast in the north.

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*For a group of three people. We operate according to the following rule of thumb: the more travelers, the lower the price!


Port de pêche (Nouakchott)
Camel market (Nouakchott)
Saudi Mosque (Nouakchott)
Marché Capitale (Nouakchott)
Municipal garden (Nouakchott)
Tea at the Beach (Nouakchott)
Tent market & Moroccan Quarter (Nouakchott)
Cap Iouik (Whale skeleton)
Cap Tafarit
Total distance: 900 km

Tour itinerary

Day 1 Nouakchott

Rise and shine, we don't want to waste any time. In the morning, the Marché Capitale is the best place to walk around. You can find everything there, from handmade souvenirs to boubous and world literature to bobbycars. The Saudi Mosque is within walking distance. We recommend a visit to the municipal garden at lunchtime after an extensive Mauritanian-style meal. For the afternoon, camel market and port de pêche are on the agenda. And the evening of the first day is made for a beach excursion with a crash course in Mauritanian tea preparation in the Sebkha district. The important thing is: We remain flexible. If you have specific destinations in mind, we will be happy to rearrange the day's schedule according to your wishes.

Day 2 Tiguent - Diawling

Let's assume you decide to go to Diawling on the second day and consequently to visit Banc d'Arguin on the third. On the southern way out of Nouakchott, it is worth a short stop for the tent market. After continuing, it takes three hours to arrive. The greatly changed landscape allows for agriculture, livestock and irrigation projects. Even the so rare West African crocodiles feel at home in Diawling, although they are shy and you need a good - maybe technical - eye to see one. Warthogs, on the other hand, do not know this shyness at all. You will find them in droves in Diawling. You will also be able to see migratory birds without end on site. In the evening we plan to return to Nouakchott.

Day 3 Banc d'Arguin

We head north to Banc d'Arguin in the morning. This national park is not without reason a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After all, it is not only home to countless species of waterfowl, but also to European and Siberian migratory birds as winter quarters. Even whales, dolphins, turtles and monk seals can be observed. By the way, the national park is not only populated by animals. Imraguen fishermen have not abandoned their traditional way of life and still fish together with dolphins in a unique way. And we haven't even talked about the enchanting and diverse landscape at this point.

Day 4 Banc d'Arguin

To avoid hectic and exhaustion, sleep very relaxed on the spot in Banc d'Arguin. Finally, the fourth day is for free discovery of the enchanting nature. Later, we will take you back to Nouakchott.

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from  499  EUR*

Additional options:

National Museum
Boat trip
Centre d´Artisanat
Camel tour
Overnight stay in Banc d´Arguin
Overnight stay in Diawling
Transport to Nouadhibou
Transport to Rosso