Diawling National Park Tour

On safari in Mauritania's south - 130 km² of biodiversity

2 Day(s)
9 Destinations
400 km
3 Languages

Explore the landscape and biodiversity from the capital to the Senegal River

Two days that could hardly be more different. The first one is dedicated to the capital Nouakchott. Discover the culture and sights of the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott. Witness the confluence of various cultures within the city, ranging from Baidhani, Soudans, Haratin, Senegalese, Malians and even Chinese. The fisherman at the Port de Pêche in Sebkha, the camel breeder at the camel market, the Soninke cab driver, and the market trader. Our guides will familiarize you with all the destinations you will find on TripAdvisor and moreExperience Mauritanian cuisine ! The next day, we're off on a three-hour drive towards the nature reserve. See the hordes of warthogs at the Diawling National Park at the Senegal River, as well as an unmanageable wealth of native and wintering bird species, zebus (a breed of cattle), camels and even crocodiles and servals. The scenery of Diawling varies by the season. In addition to the flora and fauna of the landscape, witness the traditional fishing practices of the indigenous peoples of the area.

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Port de pêche (Nouakchott)
Camel market (Nouakchott)
Saudi Mosque (Nouakchott)
Marché Capitale (Nouakchott)
Municipal garden (Nouakchott)
Tea at the Beach (Nouakchott)
Tent market (Nouakchott)
Diawling National Park
Total distance: 400 km

Tour itinerary

Day 1 Nouakchott

First, the most important: Nothing is set in stone. When planning the tour, we will of course take your wishes and ideas into consideration. In our experience however, it makes sense to visit some of Nouakchott's hot spots at certain times of the day. For example, the Marché Capitale and the Saudi Mosque are good places to start with in the morning. At lunchtime, we recommend staying in the municipal garden, especially in summer it can get quite hot outside. The camel market can be visited afterwards, the afternoon again should be reserved for the returning fishermen at the Port de pêche. And what better way to end a day than with a visit to the beach, including tea Mauritanian style?

Day 2 Tiguent - Diawling

We don't want to miss anything and start early towards Diawling. After picking you up, we leave Nouakchott south and pass Moroccan quarter and the tent market. Here it is worth getting out for a few minutes to examine the hand-sewn colorful cloth. After leaving the city, there are checkpoints to pass and also a short stop in the town of Tiguent. The further south you travel, the more you will notice how the climate and landscape change. Arable farming and cattle breeding, for example, are unthinkable in the north. Finally arrived in Diawling, the interesting part starts even before entering the national park. Zebu cattle, camels and warthogs are namely also settled in the immediate vicinity outside. We also recommend a visit to the local fishermen around Diawling. Unless otherwise requested by you, we will drive back to Nouakchott in the early evening.

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from  349  EUR*

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